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Games that took inspiration from reality

Creating a new life 

I am almost certain that you have played or at least can imagine how life simulation games work. There is just something so captivating about them. Such games as The Sims have become very popular, and that is the case because of a lot of reasons. It is just so nice to create your perfect life. 

Moreover, it seems that people really enjoy building their dream houses, so it is completely understandable why such games are even quite iconic these days. I guess that in some way it can help us to feel more in control of our own lives if we take care of someone else. Let that be a Sim.  

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For the risk takers 

Chances are that you have at least at some point played a game with cards on your computer. It has all come from real life casinos, and the quality these days is just shockingly good. Online casino games are so popular these days that each site has its own following. Moreover, these sites give out such great offers that people are captivated by the games. 

However, it all came from such places as Las Vegas. So, it is almost a way for people to play these games if they cannot fly to a real casino. If you are also interested in practicing some online casino games, then you can click this link. Some say it is even better than the real thing. Will it become the biggest genre of online games one day?

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For the fans of speed 

I am sure that you know many people who cannot imagine their lives without cars. People all around the world can spend hours looking at photos of different cars, so developers were smart to use it to their benefit. The amount of racing games is just surprising, so everyone can find something that will suit their personal needs. 

I was never really a fan of racing games. However, I have to admit that the graphics are usually out of this world. It seems that you are driving a real car, so for some people the game already cannot get any better than that. Seeing all these new games which keep racing and cars as their main topics kind of makes me want to try get into it again. Games have developed so much during the last few years, and I would not mind driving a new Ferrari once in a while.