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MacBook or Windows laptop – how to choose?

MacBook or Windows laptop

The laptop is an investment that one makes for a long time. It is a tough job deciding which laptop to invest on! But the option becomes tougher when one has to make a choice between MacBook or Windows laptop. The opinions differ, iPhone users mostly opt for MacBook but it is wise to weigh all the options for the investment is heavy. Let’s understand some of the standard features that’ll help to decide, which one to go for.


There are no points for guessing that Mac offers the best hardware for users as it is light, thin and sleek, everything a moving person wants. However, Windows leaves it behind in the counting of ports and a high profile keyboard. With new updates and more stylish models in the market, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. has evidently given Apple a tough competition.


While talking about software and which offers what, the MacBook leads the point table here. The first argument that comes out is that no apps can be purchased from the third party in Macs, but it is to be noted that it comes equipped with all essential ones whereas windows offer a variety of its software and varied range of third-party to buy the application. Macs have a remarkable amount of capability for any user.

User Interface

Both platforms offer different user interface and stand strong in the competition here. Windows top its game with Cortana in the newest update which let user give voice commands. Whereas, almost everyone is aware of Siri and the services this app offers. Also, Windows has attracted many users with the touch screen and turning laptops into tablets in no-time while Apple only offers multi-touch trackpad which is not-so-bad.


The only point which makes the question harder, which one of them offers better service at gaming but hands down, the platform window provides, leaves Macbook nowhere in the game. PCs can now stream from both Xbox one and PlayStation 4 which makes a choice very easy. With Windows 10, the PCs are domination the gaming world.

There are no clear winners in this comparison. These devices are essential for our day to day life, and it is right that there are many options available for every user has different needs, The Windows offers more variety than MacBook but keep in mind that budget is a crucial point before one makes any decision.